Thursday, March 28, 2013

Career Day at St. Francis Academy

Wednesday, March 27, 2013, I participated in Career Day at St. Francis Academy. 
Established in 1828, St. Frances Academy is an independent, co-ed, Catholic high school with African American and Hispanic roots. St. Frances Academy serves as an agent of positive change within its inner-city neighborhood. The school currently has about 200 students. My portion of Career Day consisted of explaining the proper attire in business professional setting as well as encouraging the students to continue working hard in all of their future endeavors. I spoke to all four grade levels of students, freshmen up to seniors. It was such a great experience and I had a great time with them all! Below are photos the students and I took that I found on their Instagram accounts!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Volunteering at Happy Helpers for the Homeless

Today, Two friends and I volunteered at Our Daily Bread in Baltimore, Maryland with the Happy Helpers for the Homeless, and what an experience it was! This was my second time working with Happy Helpers and it humbles me every time. You never know how fortunate you are until you see people appreciate the little things that you take for granted.

Our daily Bread consisted of providing clothing, food, toys, and Easter goodies for the kids. Happy Helpers for the Homeless meets every Sunday at 2pm at our Daily Bread. Our Daily Bread is located at 725 Fallsway in downtown Baltimore.

For more information on Happy Helpers for the Homeless, take a look at their website at the address below.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

International Jr. Miss Pageant

Saturday, My sister queens, Miss Teen Maryland, Morgan Lash, and Ms. Maryland, Sarah Christian, and I attended the International Jr. Miss Pageant in Arlington, Virginia. I really enjoyed the pageant for that was my first time seeing a Jr. Miss pageant in person, I've only seen them on television. However, I was very impressed with how well the girls performed. Some were as little as five and six years old! 
One thing I love most about the International Jr. Miss system is that they crown young ladies of all ages, shapes, sizes, and races. There was so much diversity in all areas and I loved every bit of it! Congrats to all of this weekends winners, you all were outstanding! My sisters and I had a great time!

Check out some photos from the event!

Miss United States Bound!

As a state title holder, we have been encouraged to inquire donations from family, friends, and community 
businesses and leaders to meet financial obligation and build communication skills. 

As a sponsor, you will 
play an important part in helping me reach my goals in competing for Miss United States 2013. Any 
sponsorship donations will be used for preparation costs, wardrobe, and hotel accommodations for the 
four-day, three-night program and competition. 
In exchange for sponsor donation, I, Miss Maryland United States, would love to be involved in any 
upcoming company events as well as programs where my appearance is a benefit to your organization. 

For those who seek advertisement in the national pageant program, that can be arranged as well. For 
appearance inquires as well as questions about ad advertisement, please email me at

All donations will be greatly appreciated and every penny counts.
Help me win my crown!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jeffrey Derrick Photography x Anifa Mvuemba x Melissa Mangrum x Ciera Nicole

Today I collaborated with photographer Jeffrey Derrick, Designer Anifa Mvuemba, and make-up artist Melissa Mangrum. We also shot additional looks of pieces styled by Catrien Hemier. Below are two finished images by Jeffrey Derrick featuring designs by Anifa Mvuemba, and a behind the scenes video of the shoot! Tons of laughs and great results. Take a peak!


Miss Maryland United States Pageant Video

Check out the footage from the Miss Maryland United States pageant!
My crowing moment is so cute! I absolutely love it! 


                                                 Miss Maryland United States 2013 Pageant

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fashion Law Week Intelligent Design Runway Show

On Friday, March 1st, I made an appearance and modeled in the Fashion Law Week Intelligent Design Runway show at the new Union Market in Washington, D.C. The event was great and I had a nice time. Proceeds from the event were given to the Uganda Project!

Designers in the runway show were: Rue 114, Gwen Beloti, Selly Raby Kane, Bucolic, and JEM.

Check out photos from backstage, on the runway, red carpet and more.

My hair was done by the lovely Marissa and my makeup was done by the beautiful Grissel Estroga, who is pictured below. Enjoy!

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